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ILAP's Advisory on President Trump's Immigration Executive Orders

President Trump has issued executive orders about immigration. These orders were issued quickly, causing confusion and anxiety. One order is now being challenged in the Federal courts. This advisory will give you a brief summary what we know right now and can advise.

Please click here to view the full advisory

If you have further questions about how either of the executive orders may affect you or your family, please call ILAP to schedule an intake appointment: 780-1593 extension #100.


Portland Information Session

When: Friday, February 17 | 5:00 - 7:00pm

Where: East End Community School

             195 North Street Portland, ME

Lawyers from the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Maine will speak about immigration issues and legal rights:

  • Concerns in the community about the President's recent executive orders.
  • Suggestions for what you can do now to get read for future changes to our immigration laws.
  • Learn about your legal rights when speaking to the police or immigration officials.

Members of the immigrant community and service providers are encouraged to attend.

* Interpretation will be provided

French | Somali


FAQ For Community Groups

Please click here to view a FAQ for Community Grounds, authored by the Immigrant Justice Network. The document is intended to provide community groups with a preliminary summary and analysis regarding the recent changes in interior immigration enforcement.


Frequently Asked Questions about President Trump's Executive Order Targeting Refugees and Muslims

Please click here to view the National Immigration Law Center's FAQ on the 1/27/2017 Executive Order:


Statement of the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project on the Impact of President Trump’s Executive Orders in Maine

The Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project (ILAP) denounces President Trump’s illegal executive orders, which ban Muslims and refugees from entering the United States; broaden the categories of people prioritized for deportation; erode due process and dismantle long-standing immigration policies.

We are outraged by the actions that followed: refugees and legal immigrants detained at airports; valid visas revoked by the State Department in violation of a federal court order; the firing of the Attorney General when she refused to enforce unconstitutional directives. This left families separated; well-vetted, traumatized refugees displaced; and immigrants across the country fearful they might be next. The new policies, released in a chaotic manner with unclear language and inconsistent implementation, have caused confusion for attorneys, advocates, immigrant communities, and government agencies.

At ILAP, we have seen how these illegal acts impact real peoples’ lives. We have 76 open cases for clients from the seven countries subject to the Muslim Ban. Several involve children stranded abroad and separated from their parents who live in Maine. We have been working with these clients for years, guiding them through the complex web of immigration laws, layers of vetting, and bureaucratic delays. They now face indefinite separation from their family members because of their religion.

Since the orders were issued, ILAP staff have been assisting and advising clients whose cases are impacted; answering questions from anxious members of the immigrant community; and responding to questions from service providers and other allies. We are following legal developments, planning client outreach events, and creating educational materials to keep the community informed.

These are examples of how we have seen the executive orders impacting immigrants in Maine:
• Refugees (and asylees from the 7 banned countries) with spouses and children who are stranded abroad must now wait 120 days, if not longer, before their reunification cases resume. Syrians face an indefinite ban.
• Muslim immigrants are canceling travel plans because of the ban and anticipation that new countries will be added to the list. Their family members abroad cannot join them, even if they already have valid visas and have endured the long vetting process.
• Immigrant communities are fearful they will be deported under broadened enforcement priorities, including those arrested but not convicted of crimes.

ILAP will stand with Maine’s immigrant communities and our attorneys will use the law to protect those impacted by unlawful policies. We are grateful to everyone who has come out to donate, volunteer, rally, advocate for, and support ILAP and our immigrant community. Together we will fight against these threats to our democracy!

If you have questions about how the executive orders may impact you or your family, please call ILAP to schedule an intake appointment: 780-1593 extension #100.

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