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ILAP has more than 120 lawyers on its Pro Bono Immigration Panel. The Pro Bono Panel handles asylum cases, certain defensive matters such as asylum or residency applications for those in removal proceedings, as well as certain complicated family reunification cases. ILAP's pro bono attorneys carry as much as 35% of ILAP's full representation client caseload and donate thousands of hours of their time each year to ILAP’s clients. We are tremendously grateful for their invaluable support.

ILAP held its Affirmative Asylum Training on May 30th for members of our pro bono panel. Thank you to all who attended and to Jen Archer of Kelley, Remmel and Zimmerman, Arnold Macdonald and Eben Albert-Knopp of Bernstein Shur, Lowell D. Turnbull, Esq., Garvey Schubert Barer, Leslie Silverstein, Esq. for taking the time out of their busy schedules to present and to Verrill Dana for allowing the use of their conference center and to Mary H. Wierzbicki of Verrill Dana for being such a gracious host.

ILAP Pro Bono Panel Members

Eben Albert, Esq., Bernstein Shur
Tawny Alvarez, Esq., Verrill Dana
Paul Aranson, Esq.
Jennifer Archer, Esq., Kelly, Remmel & Zimmerman
Cynthia Arn, Esq., Landis, Arn & Jaynes
Jennifer Atkinson, Esq.

Amber Attalla, Esq., Bernstein Shur
Cheryl Ayer, Esq., New Hope for Women
Kristina Balbo, Esq.
Sarah Beard, Esq., Pierce Atwood
Michael Bell, Esq.
Andrew Bernstein, Esq., Law Offices of Joe Bornstein
Jennifer Beverly, Esq.
Anne Birgel Cunningham, Esq.
Frank H. Bishop, Esq., Hudson Cook LLP
Lauri Boxer-Macomber, Esq., Kelly, Remmel & Zimmerman
Ed Bradley, Esq.
Rufus Brown, Esq., Brown and Burke
Michael Buescher, Esq., Drummond Woodsum
Tommie Burke, Esq., Brown and Burke
Matthew Caton, Esq., Meridien 361
Braden Clement, Esq., Verrill Dana
Emily Cooke, Esq., Pierce Atwood
Peter Culley, Esq., Pierce Atwood
Doug Currier, Esq., Verrill Dana

Alicia Curties, Esq., Berman & Simmons
Christopher Dargie, Esq., Perkins, Thompson
Devin Deane, Esq., Norman, Hanson & DeTroy
Anthony Derosby, Esq., Pierce Atwood
Toby Dilworth, Esq., Drummond Woodsum
Scot Draeger, Esq., Bernstein Shur
Michael Duddy, Esq., Kelly, Remmel & Zimmerman
Kenneth Farber, Esq.
Rita Farry, Esq., Desmon and Rand
Neil Fishman, Esq.
Anne E. Foley Schools, Douglas McDaniel Campo & Schools
Benjamin Ford, Esq., Verrill Dana
Adrianne Fouts, Esq., Drummond Woodsum

Gregg Frame, Esq., Taylor, McCormack & Frame
Eileen Frazier, Esq.

Lawrence Gardner, Esq.

Benjamin Gideon, Esq., Berman & Simmons
Jennifer Gillies, Esq.
Gary Goldberg, Esq.
David Goldman, Esq., Norman, Hanson & DeTroy
Katie Gray, Esq., Verrill Dana
Nicole Gray, Esq.
Paul Greene, Esq., Global Sports Advocates, LLC
Darya Haag, Esq., Norman, Hanson & DeTroy
Eric Herlan, Esq., Drummond Woodsum
Melissa Hewey, Esq., Drummond Woodsum
Sara Hirshon, Esq., Verrill Dana
Susan Hopkins, Esq.
Kathryn Hutchinson, Esq.

Kaitlun Husar, Esq., Verrill Dana
Marcus Jaynes, Esq., Landis, Arn & Jaynes
Humphrey H.N. Johnson, Esq., Robinson, Kriger, McCallum
Miriam A. Johnson, Esq., Berman Simmons
Wayne Jortner, Esq.
Maureen Keegan, Esq., Curtis Thaxter
Dennis Keeler, Esq., Pierce Atwood
Ted Kelleher, Esq., Drummond Woodsum
Ted Kirchner, Esq., Norman, Hanson & DeTroy

Kate Knox, Esq., Bernstein Shur
David Kreisler, Esq., Terry Garmey & Associates
Janene Kurta, Esq.
Matthew LaMourie, Esq., Preti Flaherty
Ralph Lancaster, Esq., Pierce Atwood
Lola Lea, Esq.
Catherine Lindgren, Esq.
Frederick Lipp, Esq., Bernstein Shur
Susan LoGiudice, Esq., Preti Flaherty
Lori Londis Dwyer, Esq.
Wells Lyons, Esq.
Arnold MacDonald, Esq., Bernstein Shur

Kyle MacDonald, Esq., Verrill Dana
Betsy Mahoney, Esq.
Jane Makela, Esq.
Michael Malloy, Esq., Brann & Isaacson
Robyn March, Esq., Lambert Coffin

Melissa Martinelli, Esq.

Chris McCabe, Esq.,
William McCue, Esq.

E. Dan McDonald, Esq., Steptoe and Johnson
Linda McGill, Esq., Bernstein Shur

Maura Melley, Esq.
Elek Miller, Esq., Drummond Woodsum
Jack Montgomery, Esq., Bernstein Shur
Victoria Morales, Esq.
Meg Moran, Esq.
Riikka Morrill, Esq.
Marie Mueller, Esq., Verrill Dana
Emily W. Mundy, Esq., Whitney, Mundy & Mundy

Taylor Neff, Esq., Verrill Dana
Stacey D. Neumann, Murray, Plumb & Murray
Thomas Newman, Esq., Verrill Dana
Katie Nokes Minervino, Esq., Pierce Atwood
Phil Notis, Esq.
James O’Keefe, Esq., Immigration Law Group

Zack Paakkonen, Esq.

Kim Pacelli, Esq.
Alexia Pappas, Esq.
Liam Paskvan, Esq., Pierce Atwood
Brad Pattershall, Esq., Law Office of Bradford A. Pattershall, LLC
Joanne Pearson, Esq., Pierce Atwood
Aaron Pratt, Esq., Drummond Woodsum
Valerie Randall, Esq., Fairfield and Associates
Andreea Richard, Esq., Drummond Woodsum

Dov Sacks, Esq., Berman & Simmons
Sal Savatteri, Jr., Esq.
Michael Schowalter, Esq.
Cassandra Shaffer, Wheeler & Arey
Tom Sheehan, Esq., Bernstein Shur

David Sherman, Esq., Drummond Woodsum
Leslie Silverstein, Esq.
Bruce Smith, Esq., Drummond Woodsum

Anita St. Onge, Esq.,
Tim Steigelman, Esq., Kelly, Remmel & Zimmerman
Sara Stewart Hellstedt, Esq., Bernstein Shur
Sue Strommer, J.D.*
Kristian Terison, Esq.
Jeffrey Thaler, Esq.
M. Thomas Trenholm, Esq., Drummond Woodsum
Joanna Tourangeau, Esq., Drummond Woodsum
Lowell Turnbull, Esq., Garvey Shubert Barerr
Bill Tyler, J.D.*
Peter Van Hemel, Bernstein Shur
Greg Vigue, Esq.
James Wagner, Esq.
Heather Walker, Esq., Paradie Sherman Walker & Worden
Anna Welch, Esq.

Michael Welch, Esq. Hardy, Wolf and Downing
Rachel Wertheimer, Esq., Verrill Dana
David Weyrens, Esq., Hallet Whipple
Rosie Williams, Esq., Thompson & Bowie
Stephanie Williams, Esq., Duane Morris

Esther Yoo, Esq., Berman & Simmons
Jeffrey Young, Esq., Johnson Webbert & Young, LLP

* Working in-house with ILAP staff or assisting other Pro Bono Panel attorneys.

Last year, more than 30 people attended ILAP's spring CLE training for Pro Bono Panel members on representing asylum seekers. Many thanks to our presenters: Pro Bono Panel members Jennifer Archer, Anna Welch and Jack Montgomery and the Honorable Paul M. Gagnon and Bob Halpin of the Boston Immigration Court. Our thanks also to the law firm of Verrill Dana for graciously hosting the event. If you missed it, a recorded version is available. Go here for details.

ILAP held a successful CLE training for new Pro Bono Panel Members on Friday, November 2, 2012 at the offices of Pierce Atwood! If you missed it, a recorded version is available. Go here for details.

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