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Informational Workshops
Acting on incorrect immigration law information is a common cause for immigration law complications among low-income individuals. ILAP provides accurate immigration law information to Maine’s immigrant communities, through dozens of educational events held each year across the state, in order to help them avoid immigration problems that would require full representation to resolve. ILAP provides immigrants with information not only about U.S. immigration laws, but also about related legal issues such as the Constitutional rights of immigrants, immigrant access to drivers’ licenses, safety-net public benefits, tax laws, and more. If you would like ILAP to come and speak about immigration and related legal issues to your group, please contact us.

Legal Guide for Immigrants to Maine
With funding from the Maine Bar Foundation, ILAP, together with Maine Law and Civics Education, and Pine Tree Legal Assistance, has produced this Legal Guide for Immigrants to Maine, covering a variety of legal topics and questions that immigrants may want to or should know about. Note that the guide provides general information and is not a substitute for individualized legal advice from an attorney.

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