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Individuals who have overstayed their visas or have other civil immigration law problems may be detained by Immigration authorities while waiting for a hearing on their cases.  ILAP's Detention Project conducts legal rights orientations weekly for Immigration detainees, helps them assess their immigration law options, and provides them with representation or makes referrals as our caseload capacity allows. Often immigrationdetainees have U.S. citizen or permanent resident immediate family members or would face persecution if deported to their home countries.  ILAP's Detention Project makes certain that those who are eligible to apply to stay in the U.S. learn their rights and have the opportunity to seek legal representation.

Volunteer attorneys help ILAP conduct our legal rights orientations and assessments.  We will train attorneys who lack immigration law experience.  Attorneys who are fluent in Spanish are particularly helpful.  Please contact ILAP's Supervising Attorney or Executive Director at if you are an interested attorney.

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