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ILAP offers free or low-fee attorney representation to individuals whose cases present complex legal issues.  Representation is provided by ILAP’s staff,  or by volunteer attorneys on our Pro bono Immigration Panel.  Common types of full representation cases include:
  • Asylum – We protect human rights by representing those fleeing persecution in their quest for asylum.
  • Domestic Violence Victims, Victims of Crimes, Victims of Human Trafficking – We assist non-citizen domestic violence victims, victims of harassment, stalking and sexual assault in gaining lawful status in the U.S. so they have can have the best possible chance of breaking the cycle of violence in order to live independently and safely.  We also assist victims of human trafficking, including noncitizens forced to work in abusive labor conditions.  Obtaining lawful status also enables these individuals to safely provide information in the investigation or prosecution of crimes committed against them or members of their families.
  • Family Unity – We promote family unity and stability by assisting with family visa applications, and representing family members of U.S. citizens and residents in removal proceedings.
  • Naturalization – We help persons apply for U.S. citizenship, so that they can have full rights and responsibilities in the United States.
  • Permanent Residency - We help individuals who are eligible to apply for residency here in the U.S. or abroad at the U.S. consulates, to do so.  (Note that we do not assist with employment-based residency applications).
  • Proving Citizenship – We help lifelong Mainers who were born abroad or in Canada obtain proof they are U.S. citizens so they can obtain driver’s licenses and other state or federal benefits and services where proof of U.S. citizenship must be provided.
  • Removal Defense – We provide representation to noncitizens in removal proceedings.  Priority is given to those who would be separated from their U.S. citizen or permanent resident family members, or who would face persecution in their home countries if they were deported from the U.S.
  • Temporary Protected Status (TPS) - We help individuals from countries designated by the U.S. government for TPS to apply for or renew their TPS status and work permits.
  • Work Authorization - We assist eligible noncitizens to obtain work permits.

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