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Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project


ILAP’s Immigration Clinic offers free or low-cost consultations with attorneys every week in Portland, and once a month in Lewiston, Maine.  ILAP also offers telephone consultations to Maine residents who live far from those two cities through our toll-free Helpline.  ILAP's Detention Project reaches individuals detained by Immigration for civil immigration law problems.

Individuals whose cases lack major legal complications but who may be intimidated by the immigration process due to language, literacy, or cultural barriers may receive further help in ILAP’s Clinic preparing Immigration applications and evidence, or preparing for Immigration interviews.

Some situations can be resolved quickly with a lawyer’s brief intervention, but without the need for full representation for the entire process.  ILAP offers the extent of legal intervention necessary in each case.  For those with complex cases, we offer full legal representation.

All Clinic services are free or low-cost.  No client who is eligible for our services will be turned away due to inability to pay.

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