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The United States government recently announced that it ended the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designation for El Salvador. The government has extended TPS for El Salvador until September 9, 2019, and has not indicated that they plan to extend or renew TPS for El Salvador past that date.

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ILAP's DREAM Act Sign-On Letter

The Dream Act was introduced last summer with bipartisan support. There is a push to get Congress to pass the Dream Act before January 19, 2018, by which Congress has to pass a new budget bill. ILAP is advocating for a “clean” Dream Act, meaning that there is nothing attached to it (like funding for a border wall or additional enforcement provisions). ILAP sent a sign-on letter to each member of the Maine congressional delegation, urging them to act swiftly on behalf of Dreamers. 34 organizations and groups signed on.

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