Relief for Survivors of Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking and Other Crimes

Federal immigration law affords special protections to victims and survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking and other crimes. Because of the complicated and sensitive nature of these cases, ILAP provides full representation to qualifying immigrants, with a goal of helping them achieve legal status, the critical first step for finding personal safety and security, meeting basic needs and achieving self-sufficiency. Through these efforts, we serve as a catalyst for immigrant survivors to build new lives for themselves and their families, bringing cultural vibrancy and economic vitality to Maine. These protections include:


Under the federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) a person may qualify for a green card if they have suffered physical or non-physical abuse committed by a U.S. citizen or permanent residence spouse, former spouse, parent, or a U.S. citizen son or daughter.

U Visas

The U visa was created to provide lawful status to immigrant crime victims who provide assistance to law enforcement. By encouraging fearful immigrant victims to come forward, the U visa program enhances law enforcement’s ability to investigate and prosecute serious crimes. It also furthers our nation’s humanitarian interests by protecting crime victims.

T Visas

T visas provide critical relief to immigrant survivors of human trafficking, including those trafficked for sex of labor. Though many T visa applicants report their trafficking to law enforcement, the law provides an exception for minors as well as though whose trauma prevents them from coming forward.